Thursday, 27 February 2014

Welcome To My Leaf Shop

I know I don't know much about designing "websites" but I do know about tobacco leaf and that's what I'm here for and obviously so are you.

l offer you Grade 'A' Virginia and Grade 'A' Burley whole leaf at a very competitive price that includes free postage and delivery. l choose this leaf myself because my family live close to excellent tobacco farms. We know the farmers personally. The leaf has no added chemicals or preservatives that the commercial companies add to their products. As you will appreciate these chemicals and preservatives are not something that you really want inside your body, do you?  By buying my leaf you don't have to.

All my leaves are packed in re-sealable bags that enable you to use just a few leaves at a time and keep the rest fresh. They are packed in  250g (min weight) packs.

The photo you see below is a photo of my actual Burley and Virginia whole leaf and the photo above is my actual Virginia whole leaf,. These are not photos taken off the web. What you see here is what you will receive and it will be personally chosen by myself. That means you are guaranteed quality leaf.

Butted Burley (10% stalk removed), 2.4% Nicotine, 0.17% Sugar

Virginia Strips (stalk removed), 2.44% Nicotine, 26.5% Sugar

My packaged 250g Butted Burley

My packaged 250g Virginia Strips

I sell my leaf in 250g packs for only £12.50 per pack and that includes free postage and packing. That has to be a fantastic deal when you consider that 50g of tobacco costs approx 16 Pounds Sterling or more in UK shops. l don't usually sell wholesale, just small convienient 250g packs. When you are running out all you have to do is order more. l always have stock and it is warehoused in the UK.

I use UK couriers and the parcel is fully tracked so you can see exactly where your parcel is. It's also fully insured but also l guarantee my leaf 100%. If you don't like it I'll reimburse you fully.

Place your order now and let me personally look after your whole leaf needs.

                                                                                                                     Virginia x

All you need is love and leaf xxx

New 13/08/14
A customer suggested l open up the comments so new customers could see feedback. Thanks Ron, good idea. x

New 20/08/14 
Prices now in £'s Sterling instead of Euros as per my valued customer's requests. x

New 18/09/14 
Now have Virginia/Burley Mix as requested. x


  1. Nice one V but be careful of spam. You shud use captcha or moderate. Great leaf as always. One very satisfied customer :-)

  2. Your Virginia is best l've had. l'll be back! KUDOS

  3. Wow, a lady whole leaf dealer, excellent, I think I will give it a try!

  4. My delivery just arrived (on a Sunday cos Hermes deliver Sundays now). I'm really impressed with it. I shall , if you have no objections, put a link to you on my own site and be recommending you to my ebay customers.

    1. Thank you Fred, that would be great. I'll do the same for you. V x

  5. Seeing as the majority of your customers are in UK may l suggest you change pricing from Euros to Sterling?


  6. Thanks everyone for your nice comments and suggestions.

    Virginia xxx

  7. Got my stuff today and its worth every penny. Well chuffed.

  8. Love the pink mailing bags V. Love the leaf more though. Thx

  9. hermes is too slow for me.

  10. Thank you for your feedback! Will appreciate any suggestions.
    x x x

  11. hi do u still do whole leaf tobacco if so how do i order pls thx